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A semi-embarrassing fact about me: I am something of a homebody and don't get out nearly as often as I would sort-of like to. That said, here's my list:

  • The Evanston Farmers' Market. One of my favorite days out of the year is when it opens; I always get a little sad when it closes for the winter. I like to walk down and get breakfast on Saturday mornings and maybe get some vegetables in the summer!
  • The Art Institute of Chicago, which I don't go to nearly as often as I wish I did. Maybe sometime when I have more free time in the evenings I'll go again! I always like looking at the special exhibits.
  • Ogilvie Transportation Center + The French Market + Union Station - I really like transportation hubs with amenities. When I was taking the Megabus home from college I would actually get there a couple hours early to get something to eat from the many food options available and then browse the little travel shops. The French Market is also kind of like a little, less noisy street fair, and it's precious.
  • The Violet Hour. I actually thought it was weird the first time I was there, because it's so dark and all the drinks are obscure stuff, but it's grown on me since then. So fancy! Also, the food is amazing. (Sidebar: it's like a block from Geek Bar Beta, apparently??? I feel like Geek Bar Beta would make a pretty A+ DCP outing sometime, actually.)
  • St. James Episcopal Cathedral - I REALLY LIKE CATHEDRALS, fun fact, I think they are very pretty
  • The Evanston Barnes & Noble, wifi away from home. I still miss the Borders, though—I used to walk all the way from North Campus to hit up both the bookstores. The Borders coupons were fantastic for not having very much discretionary income.
  • The Lakefront - specifically the part by my apartment. I happen to be close to a very nice stretch of walking path and park, which is super nice during the summer.
  • Adagio Teas - one of my fave tea stores; I was super pleased that it turned out that this was their home state and therefore the first place they decided to open physical stores


Aug. 27th, 2010 11:28 pm
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Have discovered 750words, which has really been doing wonders for my writing the last few days; I think it's the little ticky boxes that get ticked off when you compete your words for the day that keep me going. Ticky! That and the interesting statistics.

In other news, I'm absolutely certain there was not this much goldenrod around before I became highly allergic to it.
yaysunshine: The silhouette of a girl in a froofy dress holds a bow against a light background. (rocks fall everyone dies)
PHYSICS: Green (done!)
ART HISTORY: Green (done!  beautifully!)
DATA STRUCTURES: The best green that ever greened

Just one thing left.

One big, ginormous, drawing-intensive thing.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the willpower to get this shit done in spite of everything.
yaysunshine: The silhouette of a girl in a froofy dress holds a bow against a light background. (WINRY SMASH)
PHYSICS: Green (Done~!)
DATA STRUCTURES: Greenish-Yellow (Mostly done, easy exam)
COMPUTER GRAPHICS: Yellow-Orange (Better than it used to be)
ART HISTORY: Greenish-Yellow (I think I can do this?)
ANIMATE ARTS: Reddish-Orange (augh so much work left augh augh—but last scheduled due date)

At least there aren't any papers.  Small favors.

I think I can?
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I guess one of my friends from high school that I haven't heard from in a while has, in the last three years, become a sort of super outspoken neo-conservative/libertarian or something? Apparently? Who supports the Tea Party? At least based on things he posts on Facebook and stuff he's written for his college paper. (I thought some of it was sarcastic at first. Now I'm pretty sure it isn't.) It's kind of surreal. I mean, I wouldn't have pegged him as being the one to do that.

It's also slightly worrying because I know he's going to be in Chicago over the summer and expressed interest in catching up sometime, and I've sort of gone from centrist to socialist in the last three years...

"But denouncing inequality distracts us from the real issues." WHAT SERIOUSLY WHAT I DON'T EVEN

Okay, going to bed and stopping distracting myself with Facebook-stalking my old classmates...
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I think I'm going to be brave and start posting my writing again! It's really been far too long and it's kind of lonely to write without getting any feedback. (Er, not like I ever got any feedback in the first place, really, but if at first you don't succeed, as it were, I guess.) That and I feel like I should be posting something, IDK. I'm always so bad at keeping a LJ/DW/Whatever but it's something that I'd like to be able to do.

OH GOD DCP GAME 10 IS TODAY eep—wow has this year gone fast, it was like just yesterday I was being, "uh, yeah, sure, I could attempt to ST, if you don't mind me kind of flailing around a lot since I have no idea how to do it." It's been fun and exciting! (If quite a challenge.) Although I think I'm looking forward to just being a player again next year.

Also my senior project for Animate Arts is due in like three weeks, wut, I seriously have to draw like a maniac until then because I haven't done nearly as much work as I should have. Well, on that. I've been doing quite a lot of work, I should think. Thank goodness a cappella is done for the year, anyway.

And I am hella behind on my tv-watching; there's like six episodes of FMA that I need to see, and I still need to see the last episode of Bakemonogatari, I mean seriously. Oh man and there's more V now!  And I'm sure there's something else I'm probably forgetting too.  Okay, I guess I'm going to have to set aside aside like a whole weekend for TV-watching at some point.

So yeah anyway.

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