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it's been busy!

some quick notes:

  • I got a new job! I start on February 1! It's very exciting and it'll be a fun change but there's a lot of great people I'll miss at my current gig.
  • I am about 20k words into a lesbian regency romance novel and it turns out writing romance is real fun and something that works surprisingly well for me? (additionally: I have now read a lot of romance novels as Market Research. Current faves: Courtney Milan, Theresa Romain, Stephanie Laurens.)
  • I managed to write 750 words plus per day for the first two weeks of 2015, which, honestly, not bad.
  • All the dye is almost grown out of my hair; I was thinking this time I might try just bleaching my bangs and doing stuff with that. Might do some kind of multicolor thing? IDK I have not decided yet. Anyway I ordered a bunch of dye so I can have a lot of options.
  • Haha good lord this weather, why
  • Also it turns out that I didn't realize the service-provider-provided modem did not, in fact, also do the function of a router; we now have a router; our internet connection is way less garbagey now
  • and apparently I'm excited enough about my next Exalted character that I've already got an entire playlist for her. Also got some Fun Ideas from recent Steven Universe plotlines for some of how I'm going to play her :v
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whoa! what! congrats on new job!

also FUCK YES to all three of those authors and if you would like more recs that's kind of my jam I'm just saying >_>;

I'm so excited for our Exalted characters too~
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I'm so excited for both of our characters :D :D I'm really enjoying the happy fun "fix the world" characters I'm playing right now, it's very cathartic and also encouraging in its way.


OKAY SO Miranda Neville is amazeballs and I love her books.

There's a book called "Lucien's Fall" that I really love.

Lisa Kleypas is a writer with a long catalog which means some of her stuff is rather, ahem, Old School with all that that implies, but I keep reading anyway because I think she's great and she has lots of female friendships which are very enjoyably done. (I recommend The Wallflower Quartet as a starter.)

Shana Galen is kind of hit or miss for me; I loved the Jewels of the Ton trilogy but I am less enthused about Lord and Lady Spy.

Her Officer and Gentleman by Karen Hawkins was a ton of fun and successfully avoided most tropes I hate; the one it hit is one I'm willing to forgive.

Eva Leigh's Wicked Quills of London, beginning with Forever Your Earl, is absolutely stellar.

Katharine Ashe's Prince Catchers trilogy is absolutely great.

I am...undecided on Gaelen Foley's Inferno Club. The setup should work for me but there's stuff in it that I find really frustrating. I really liked one book, was indifferent to the other two. Maybe grab a sample and see what you think or I think I can lend them via Kindle?

Kathryn Smith's Friends trilogy was kind of fun.

Not Regency but something I will always recommend: Julie James, Love Irresistibly, which is contemporary set in Chicago and made me laugh so hard.

Elizabeth Hoyt's trilogy (Serpent Prince, Raven Prince, Leopard Prince, possibly not in that order) was something I also really enjoyed

I DON'T HAVE A REGENCY PROBLEM (yes I do actually)

Also for contemporaries I adore, and cannot recommend enough, Nora Roberts and Elizabeth Lowell.
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I found a lot of these via SBTB, though I had previously encountered Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas, and Elizabeth Lowell elsewhere.

So! As it turns out, both Nora Roberts and Elizabeth Lowell have some paranormal in some of their romances. Is there a particular breed of paranormal you're looking for? (Shifters, fae, general magic, etc.?)