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[exalted: tds] the end of an era

because [personal profile] lassarina did a cool retrospective about her character and also I have a lot of thoughts and feelings


For the people who read this blog who... aren't in this game... which is not many, but: I've been playing in an Exalted game for something like four years, which recently brought its first major storyline to a close. And with that, most of us are retiring our characters.

Nellens Iseul was my first Exalted character, and Mistakes Were Made when I was putting together her character, to some extent. For one thing, no one told me having two virtues at 1 was maybe... nnnnnot a great idea, ahaha, and I think my reflex toward making my characters sort of understated people tends to conflict with Exalted's core principles of "be as larger-than-life as possible." On the other hand, it eventually set me up for a pretty cool character arc, so there's that.

When I was coming up with Iseul's backstory I sort of shoved a lot of my Teenage Friend Abandonment Issues and Self-Esteem Problems into it—she was a weird, awkward, gawky kid who didn't make friends easily, and her parents were a little too quick to say yes when House Nellens offered to adopt her post-Exaltation. She was finally cool and special... and thrown into an environment of people who were like her except for they'd been raised for it their entire lives. When she was befriended by a fellow named Wan Petrel, she was intensely grateful for it—only to have the revelation that he was one of the Solar Anathema ruin her reputation nearly entirely.

Over the course of the story she went from quiet and shy to alarmingly and outspokenly misanthropic to Completely And Cheerfully Done With This Shit, which conveniently tied into how close she was to Limit Break, aka flipping her shit. She thoroughly loathed everyone but most especially herself... but bonding with the rest of the circle, she realized not only that she liked these jerks, but that she'd changed to a degree that she could like herself, too. So, thanks Esmé, for having that meltdown? (TBH thanks, The Circle, for tolerating Iseul in general. You probably stopped her from becoming an Akuma or something.)

In the last couple games she hatched an aggressively ridiculous plan-slash-test for herself. The circle had been trapped in a manse called the Shadow of the Ever-Present Gallows that wouldn't let them leave unless they agreed to swear a supernatural oath to help it save the world—and it offered them all unique signing bonuses.

What it offered to Iseul was the opportunity to remake herself as someone she liked better... which she definitely thought about taking. So she told the Shadow that she wanted to talk to her not-ex, Wan Petrel, who was already working for it, and decided that if she could a) kiss him and b) punch him in his stupid face, she had changed enough to be satisfied with herself, and she wouldn't take the deal. If she couldn't make herself do it, she would take the Shadow's offer. (Observant folk at the table may have noticed me roll Conviction immediately beforehand.)

Anyway, she did kiss him, and then immediately went into limit break and flipped her shit. Hitting him through Invulnerable Skin of Bronze to the tune of 3L counts as punching him, kind of. Hooray! WINNING.

And also they hooked up anyway in the due to a well-timed use of Passion-Transmuting Nuance from Esmé and the fact that both of them probably wanted to do that for like 5ever anyway. I'm so glad about their terrible relationship, it was everything I was going for p much

what the hell, what a weirdo, I'm going to miss playing her

Also, I'm pleased with what I finally came up with (at the last moment) for her anima banner—a bird hatching from an egg. :>

anyway here's her playlist, because all things must be playlisted
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Iseul had a great character arc. :>