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December Meme: Web design thoughts

for [plurk.com profile] wombatgal! Late because I... forgot, ahaha. I blame it on the travel.

So, I thought about this a lot because I guess in some ways I don't really subscribe to any particular aesthetic, design-wise; in general, because of the place I stand in the implementation pipeline, I guess my strong feelings ended up falling more towards functionality than anything else.

An un-ordered list (ul) of feelings I have about web design:

  • Readability and accessibility come first. Text should be in the order it is intended to be read; stuff should have aria attributes; tab ordering should be considered. Thankfully we are out of the age of table-as-layout, because tables should be a structure for displaying data, not a layout tool.
  • Modals are TERRIBLE and must be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS
    • There are legitimate uses for modals, I guess, I just personally find them kind of obnoxious—if at all possible, I prefer flash messages.
  • I used to think letter-spacing was the coolest thing and now it's just really obnoxious to me
  • If your hover state css makes text or block elements change size so that it's difficult for me to click, rethink your hover state, I cannot tell you how much it makes me want to tear my hair out when a menu keeps flickering in and out of my grasp. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, ELLO
  • Unique styles should be used sparingly, and only if necessary to achieve some kind of desired effect.
  • I see a lot of very clever form designs that are, sadly, unreasonably difficult to implement. My rec for doing forms is the keep it as simple as possible.
  • Can every email client just do whatever Apple is doing already with the rendering, I am tired of doing all this bananas stuff to make HTML emails look reasonably similar across all clients
  • I think I tend to like lighter colors these days (e.g. white or light backgrounds), but that's just me.
  • I think there is too much blue going on in websites these days. I saw someone put together a game once where you had to guess which social networking blue color the color they showed you was. Can't we do, like, green? Or purple, or something.
  • I like the minimal/small header trend that's come into being recently—I think there's something elegant about it.
  • I wouldn't mind seeing more sites break away from the very clean-cut look for more variety in design, but I understand why it's not done—it probably doesn't read as "professional." Also, obviously, the implementation is more difficult if everything's not clean lines etc. but still. Like, this is gorgeous. Obviously it doesn't work for corporate but I love it.
  • I love when people use the web kind of like a very unique sort of canvas—the ability to have a limitless canvas where you can click away and click back and have the process change things, etc. Emily Carroll's comics do a bit of this, and comic Unsounded uses the "page" in a really interesting way in a couple places. XKCD does this sometimes, too (and I guess all alt text messages not specifically used as alt text are a little what I mean). Twine games are a little bit this, also, the way people use links to give little asides and not take you out of the flow of the narrative. This strays a bit from web design but I think borders on it, at least.
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[personal profile] fuchsian 2015-01-01 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
I saw someone put together a game once where you had to guess which social networking blue color the color they showed you was. Can't we do, like, green? Or purple, or something.

This is really funny because I was showing my mom one of the places I interviewed at and their website was very green. She said something like "oh!! BUSINESS GREEN IS A THING NOW!!" (my old employer also had a very green website)
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