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Carly ([personal profile] yaysunshine) wrote2014-12-12 12:14 am

December Meme: Favorite thing about where I grew up versus where I live now

for [personal profile] fuchsian!

I grew up in Minnesota, just outside the Twin Cities area, in a small, semi-rural suburb that gradually became a large, very developed suburb. In general, it's a quiet, friendly place, and I like it quite a bit there.

The tricky part out there is transportation, though, which Chicagoland is great at. Well, we all complain about Ventra and buses and trains running late, but it's so nice to be able to be able to hop the a train or a bus and be able to get nearly anywhere you could want to go in the area. There's also just stuff around, I guess. My home neighborhood is nice, but it's just houses and schools and golf courses for miles. It's idyllic and great for running, but it gets kind of isolating. I didn't care so much when I was in high school and younger, but now that I'm used to just going places on my own I get weird about not being able to do that as easily. (Though I miss being able to go out to State Parks. The one thing I can't do without a car!)

I think I still kind of like the peaceful suburban atmosphere, though, which is why I'm really resistant to moving into Chicago proper, though, haha. Now if we could just get a Caribou Coffee in here, with the polar vortex it'll be just like home.

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