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December Meme: My RP style in journal RP

Also for [personal profile] moreinsanerer, as a follow-up!

The kinds of storylines I'm interested in playing out in journal RP, hm... well, I think I tend to play characters that have something secret going on, so I like the general process of revealing more about their character as they get to know people. I also like a good heart-to-heart conversation, though I like those more when the characters have known each other for a while, and there's some kind of impetus, like a crisis, so it feels organic. Also, putting characters in stressful or odd situations together! That's definitely a fave, and it gives them something to talk about and something to do so it breaks up the conversation a little.

I tend to play very nice characters in journal RP, which has given a lot of my online friends the impression that I am a saint, which is somewhat hilarious in contrast to all my IRL friends believing that I am Always Chaotic Evil. In a lot of ways I wish I could play more jerk characters in journal RP, since they tend to react differently to events going on, and I like variety. On the other hand, I worry that my jerk characters would be too much jerks. (I do still keep thinking about unleashing Kallie Sunshine on City of Sin. It's where she was meant to be.)

I think I tend to do "best" at journal RP when I have a very focused thing to do, which is why I think PSL or very focused, non-jamjar games have worked out as more "my style" than jamjar games. I also have, like, this weird issue about what amounts to GM-ing for myself. All this freedom that journal RP gives me is alarming! Are you sure I'm not going to get in trouble for this???

(I'd love to see someone do a journal RP on some kind of either GMless and/or diceless system, or a modification of one so that there's still a resolution mechanic but it doesn't require the kind of mod involvement that, say, a LARP does. I know Spencer was trying this out a while back; I should toss some ideas back and forth with her about it sometime.)

It's kind of weird, but in some ways I wish I felt confident enough in keeping up my activity levels to join an ECATS-like game (like Aather, Kyriakos, Decollage, whatever ones still exist idk) because I think the way they do events is really interesting—regardless of what it is, there's generally a set, relatively short period where as many people as can make it get online to participate, rather than having an IC-day long event take months to tag out. (Also, I've seen some of them use abstractions like having players actually play Mafia and stuff online to determine event results, which I think is an interesting mechanic.) It's easier for me to be IC for a set block of time, I think. Also, way harder to get distracted that way!
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Something I've learned in my journal RP tenure - people love threading with jerks. Play the jerk. DO THE THING.